the village of Cumberland

village upgrades referendum

It’s been clear for years that the Village of Cumberland needs to upgrade its wastewater treatment system, but when the time came to pay for the work, the public had to decide whether it would approve borrowing to fund these improvements. To help get the word out about the current condition of treatment, and why a referendum was called, ZINC was asked to develop and roll out a 6-week information campaign, focused on providing facts and giving the community the tools they needed to make a decision on voting day. It included a series of videos, fact sheets and social media posts focused on three main topic areas, and was supported by a poster campaign. And the end result? 73.5 per cent of voters said yes to the ballot borrowing question. By keeping the information simple, and the need front-and-centre, the public was able to make the best decision for the community – approving the required borrowing and enabling the Village project team to move forward with next steps for funding, planning and construction.

  • Client: Village of Cumberland
  • Location: Cumberland, B.C.
  • Year: 2018