ZINC Celebrates International Podcast Day

Looking ahead to September 30th, ZINC wants the world to join us along on our journey to celebrate International Podcast Day. A day to remind us to sit back, tune in and listen to some of the really good content. But with close to 700,000 podcasts to choose from, how does one go about finding episodes to suit our own unique tastes? Whether you listen for entertainment, for learning, or a little of both, the crew at ZINC has rounded up a few of their top podcasts. Discover what just might be your next favourite. Enjoy!

Telling our Twisted Histories

This is a great CBC podcast hosted by Kanieht: iio Horn who politely asks listeners to “please leave stereotypes at the door.” There are podcast titles here such as Reconciliation, God, Bannock and Pocahontas. Plenty of interesting content to help listeners gain a new way of thinking!

en français: you can also access a French-version of this podcast called Laissez-nous raconteur : L’histoire crochie which was released by Radio-Canada in 2020.  

The Moth podcAST

This is a classic for those who love storytelling. The Moth Podcast is an popular live storytelling podcast that’s been around since the dawn of podcasting so if you love this format, there are plenty of great episodes to binge on. Their content going back to 1997! Here are a few stand out episodes:

  • Jesse Owens, Michael Phelps and Me, Charles Upshaw 
  • Life Flight by Kimberly Reed
  • Radical Honesty by Starlee Kine
  • Leaving Bagdad by Abbas Moussa

Fun fact: The moth also has an Emmy award-winning radio hour to check out.

99% Invisible

For something a little different, this design and history podcast touches on a myriad of subjects like architecture, cities, and technology. Here are a few of 99% Invisible’s top episodes to try:

  • #265: The Pool, and the Stream
  • #324: Billboard Boys: The Greatest Radio Contest of all time 
  • #114: Ten Thousand years

Did you know? The term 99 % Invisible is from a quote from US architect Buckminster Fuller who said, “Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.”

Nothing Much Happens

Feeling restless at night? Try tuning in to Nothing Much Happens, which can be found in the category of Health & Fitness. Kathryn Nicolai, a yoga and meditation teacher, will take you on a journey of bedtime stories for grown-ups with her calm and soothing voice. Each podcast story is told twice to let the details stay with you if you wake up at night. With close to 100 episodes to choose from, and names like Toast and Marmalade, The Tulip Farm and Housewarming, these gentle stories (where—as you guessed it—nothing much happens) are created to relax even the most anxious minds.

FYI: you can purchase the illustrated book Nothing Much Happens: Calming Stories to Soothe Your Mind and Help You Sleep.

Other Great podcast Treats

Last but not least, here are some popular book podcasts to explore:

As we dive into the podcast world, there will only be more to add to our ‘favourites’ list. Podcasts are growing at a rate of 10% per year and there’s plenty more wonderful, thought-provoking content out there to discover! We hope this list helps get you started.

What do you ZINC? Send us a note at info@zincstrategies.com if you have any fabulous podcast suggestions for us.