We’ve got apps for that!

It’s a digital world and we’re living in it! At ZINC, we rely on mobile apps that help us stay on track, communicate, check our work quality and more. We also have some faves for a variety of out-of-office lifestyles. We’re highlighting our most used apps for work and play in the hopes that one (or more) can make your life a little bit easier in 2023.

Work Efficiently


The ZINC team can chat about projects, deadlines, clarity edits, share successes (or dog photos) and more – whether we’re at the office or on the go. A game changer for internal comms that doesn’t clog up the inbox!

Function Fox

Our go-to timesheet and project management program provides an app for tracking on the go. Function Fox is easy to use while being flexible and dynamic enough to track everything we need to stay on time and budget for each individual client.


We can access files from anywhere, share with clients, upload new docs, or scan receipts using just the phone camera. You can also mark certain files to ensure they’re accessible if internet connection is lost. Handy if you’re visiting a remote client!

Get Organized


Try this handy little free budget planner app that can help you track and manage your household or personal finances from anywhere. 

Any List 

Create and share to-do lists between colleagues, friends or family members. Colleen uses this with her partner for everything from grocery lists, gift ideas or packing lists for camping and travel!

Maximize Your Fun


We can’t have a productive office without good tunes! We’re always sharing playlists, and choosing themes for the day, whether it’s a Bublé holiday season, country headliners coming to the upcoming Cowichan Music Festival, or popular contemporary songs our kids love.


Our intrepid leader, Marci, is often on the road between Victoria and Courtenay offices, and she relies on Audible to keep her entertained during the drive! For commuters, the Audible app is an online audiobook and podcast service that offers everything from the classics to bestsellers.

My Tide Times

Time your sauna/hot tub to cold plunge circuits at Kitty Coleman Beach to match up with the high tide. Marci says it’s harder to go in the winter water when you have to walk across 500 meters of slippery rocks!

Become an Expert


Never wonder about punctuation or spelling again! Not only is Grammarly a chrome extension – meaning you can edit everything from emails to Google Drive docs – but there’s also a keyboard for mobile so you can check your texts before hitting send.


This powerful app is digitizing municipal waste collection programs across North America and is a vital tool for our Vancouver Island clients. With lots of engagement stats and data to dig into residents, meanwhile, can learn how to sort waste, set collection day alerts and more.

Did you Know About…?


Don’t like the new Twitter? Find and create your custom news feeds again on Post, an app that’s currently in beta with wait list entry only. Emily is on the inside and says, “Everyone’s so friendly!”


Did you know you can check out ebooks and audiobooks from your local library without having to leave the house? You can also request transfers from other libraries on the island.

Telus MyHealth

If you don’t have a family doctor and need to see one for a non-urgent issue Try using this app, and get digitally connected to a doctor in your area. It’s easy to use, and instead of a wait at the local walk-in clinic, you can wait from wherever you are with your phone!