Media Training Milestone: Hitting 200

by: Marci Hotsenpiller, Founder & Principal

It’s fun to mark a milestone at your company that actually makes a difference in other people’s lives. Here at ZINC, we recently completed a media training session for members of the federal government, specifically those involved in Coast Guard activities. This fact isn’t new—we’ve been working with federal government staff in BC and the Northwest Territories, coaching them on how to understand and communicate with the media for the past eight years. We also coach engineers, land-use planners, government leaders, hi-tech startup founders, First Nations Guardians and senior government staff on how to share their messages clearly—whether they’re speaking with media or members of the public. The milestone comes in realizing we just hit the 200th mark!

media training takeaways

Why is this special for us at ZINC? It’s more than just a number. It means we’ve helped over 200 people…

  • Feel more confident when approached by the media, either on the phone or in person
  • Understand how key messages are crafted and drafted and how to use them
  • See the role of journalists more clearly and get a sense of how they do their jobs
  • Look inside the new digital news landscape and see how to thrive in this new media world
  • Get invaluable on-camera practice (“do I really speak like that?”) so that when cameras arrive they know what to do

Of course, there’s a lot more to the media training workshops we run than a few bullets can convey. But for today we’re looking back to appreciate how many people we’ve helped. And perhaps, to pat ourselves on the back a little bit too. 🙂

What do you ZINC about this milestone? Send us a note at to learn more about our media training workshops.