Media Filters: What Might Influence a Story?

by: Colleen Dane, Director

Picture this: A news story is about to come out about your latest project. You prepare and are interviewed, ready with the important information and messages to share. You’ve done your part and so, you sit back and wait. And then the story comes out … and…. It is nothing like you pictured. So – how can a story turn into something totally unexpected, despite your best laid plan? Well, it’s because stories move through filters that are beyond your control. This is a common topic in ZINC’s media training sessions – but here’s a taste of what your story needs to drain through before going live:

Ready to throw your hands up and quit? Don’t! All of these filters can lean in your favour – or be a neutral factor as well. Some of it you can proactively prepare for and for the parts you can’t, remember to cut yourself some slack. Preparing for media interactions is critical, and all you can do is your best.

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