Launching Zinc Gives Back: how we’re Supporting Communities in 2019

by: Marci Hotsenpiller, Founder & Principal

Over the past decade here at ZINC, we’ve donated time and resources to different charitable causes across Vancouver Island. But this year – after passing the milestone 10-year mark of operations – we have decided to do more. And make it official! We want to formalize ZINC’s charitable giving and really make a difference in the communities where we work. This also makes it “more than Marci” making the calls and gives our team a purposeful path into the future and the power to decide where they want to give.

So – after some fun brainstorming, research into best-practices, and team-focused strategy sessions, we launch ZINC Gives Back. Is it a foundation? Is it a campaign? We think it falls somewhere between the two: as an ongoing umbrella for all of our current and future charitable initiatives.

To start things off, we’re launching by giving back in a BIG way!

  • In March, we launched the first ZINC Trades Bursary at North Island CollegeThis bursary was created to help a student in an apprenticeship trades program at NIC, at any of their campuses in Comox Valley, Port Alberni or Campbell River. Since we specialize in public communications during major infrastructure projects, we value (and get to see firsthand!) the important work of skilled tradespeople on projects. This choice to give back by helping a trades student with their tuition feels like a perfect fit: we can positively impact the life of a local student, encourage learning – and help establish skills that will one day be used to build the important infrastructure we all rely on.
  • In May, we launch our first annual ZINC Book Box. This initiative aligns with our core values around literacy and access to resources. We feel strongly about providing people with clear, easy-to-find information that helps them understand what’s happening. We also believe that informed citizens create healthy democracies, and that language and literacy are the starting point. So to support these skills – and encourage a love of reading – we’ve created the ‘book box’ initiative. Each year a member of ZINC chooses a local library or community reading spot to support with funding of $200 towards new books. It could be a childcare centre, a local library, or a café with a reading area. Where will the first book box donation land in 2019? We want to make it count! Watch for news on twitter: @ZincStrategies for details.

At the heart of our work is a commitment to our communities. That’s why we look forward to expanding ZINC Gives Back by building on these initiatives – and adding new ones as we grow.

What do you ZINC? Have suggestions or feedback? Send us a note at