Building a new ritual

Our ZINC team is amazing. Have we mentioned that? They really are. They do amazing, interesting things, both inside and outside the office.

You may have heard our Founder/Principal, Marci, is taking on a particularly impressive project these days – the opening of RITUAL Nordic Spa in Victoria. It’s the embodiment of many things Marci is passionate about: Sauna! Design! Finnish Culture! Wellness! Community Building! We’re incredibly proud of her and the work she’s leading with the RITUAL staff team in Victoria. If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll go check it out.

What does this mean for ZINC? Aside from being able to host our weekly ZINC huddle while in our bathing suits (JK!) we get to learn a bit about a whole new business world. As for our lives here in Courtenay and north of the Malahat, it doesn’t change much. We keep in touch daily – Slack is our channel of choice – and, as we all discovered during COVID, being together in one office isn’t totally necessary for getting things done. (Though it’s a bit more fun.) In short, our core team in the Comox Valley continues to support our clients and projects, with Colleen as Director, working with Marci on strategy, and leading day-to-day client work with the support of DeAnne, Dana, Emily, Virginia and more.

We love our work and look forward to continuing it. ZINC is, after all, an alloy that offers strength! And… when we need a day to relax and get away from it all? We know a great place 😉

What do you ZINC about a day at a Nordic Spa? Ever been? Send us a note at