Why "ZINC" – Zinc Communication Strategies
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why ‘zinc’: the story of our name


by: Dana Mills, Communications Account Coordinator


One question that many of us “ZINCsters” are often asked is, what’s ZINC? How did Marci, ZINC’s Founder & Principal, come up with the name, and what does it mean? When I first started at ZINC, I also wondered this. And through discussions over the past few months, I’ve gathered some details about the origins of ZINC – I even learned about a conversation between Marci and her father ten years ago, which Marci explains below. Ultimately, Marci determined that ZINC fit the bill. But why?


First things first – let’s answer the question: what is zinc? Zinc (Zn) is the fourth most widely consumed metal. It is a chemical element “found in Earth’s crust with myriad industrial and biological uses.” Based on this definition, there is – most obviously – a link between the use of zinc as a metal in industrial applications and our company’s central focus on “big-build” infrastructure projects. Further, as a conductive metal – zinc is a material that’s transmissive. Just as zinc functions to transfer electricity, we function to help transmit important information to the communities where we do work.


Zinc, the element, has several other characteristics in common with us:


1. Zinc is essential for all living things

We believe that communications is also critical to the day-to-day lives of all.


2. Zinc-plating (or ‘galvanizing’) is used to protect other metals against unwanted corrosion

We understand that a strong communications strategy and pro-active outreach can have preventive effects.


3. Zinc is an alloy, a combination of multiple elements that offer greater strength and resistance

We work collaboratively with our clients to inform and engage the public.


And on top of these important connections, the domain name was short and available. Plus, it allows us to be creative in our application of the name – case in point: ZINCTANK.


A note from Marci: Thanks Dana, and sorry for being so mysterious about it all. (But I think the most powerful brand names have a bit of mystery to them don’t you?) In truth, it’s a shiny silver bright looking metal which has always attracted me. And the part about my Dad? He didn’t help me find the name but when I told him what it was he was very worried: “I just hope people will be able to find you,” he said, “since your name will be last in the Yellow Pages.” I think I reassured him, sat him down and had a chat about The Google, and the rest is history.


What do you ZINC about our name? Send us a note at info@zincstrategies.com with your thoughts/ideas.