city of campbell river

Steep Slopes Guidelines

The City of Campbell River is considering amendments to the Official Community Plan’s (OCP) Hazard Conditions (Steep Slopes) Development Permit Guidelines and brought in ZINC to help inform the public about what these changes could mean. In June 2023, two community events were held to provide more information about the proposed changes, and to help homeowners understand that slope management is a shared responsibility between property owners and the City. A series of informational materials and “how to” documents were available for takeaway at the events, including a detailed application form with accompanying info brochure. A feedback form was also available to complete.

The events saw over 250 people attend between the two days, allowing staff to get a solid sense of people’s understanding of the changes, how to better share information and in what areas people require more explanation.

  • Client: City of Campbell River
  • Location: Campbell River, BC
  • Year: 2023