At ZINC, we believe excellent communications is vital to the success of a project or program.

We provide communications support to local governments and private sector clients involved in everything from running a city or regional district, to building major infrastructure projects that involve disruptive construction and require stakeholder support.

Communications Planning & Strategy (Government Projects)

We help you keep your communities informed.

To keep big projects on schedule and on budget, you need more than good engineers and experienced planners—you need to keep municipalities, engineers, architects, planners, funding partners, neighbours and the public informed. We guide communications during major infrastructure projects that involve disruptive construction and require stakeholder support. Our work is equal parts communication planning and strategy, public consultation and engagement, issues management, community relations, special events, social media and media relations.

Public Consultation and Community Engagement

We help you and the public understand one another’s goals and needs.

We design public consultation and engagement programs that connect you with the feedback and input needed to plan a successful project and that ensure people know what’s going to happen before it happens. The result? Community and stakeholder groups that understand and support your project. We design and deliver consultation and engagement programs that incorporate online technologies as well as traditional feedback options, depending on your community. Whether it’s time to engage, inform, consult or even vote in a referendum, we help ensure everyone has the info they need, and when appropriate, the opportunity to share their views.

Strategic Communications Planning and Support (Local Governments)

We support your team in building plans and delivering on commitments.

Communities, partners and stakeholders need information to get – and stay – on board with your latest initiatives. On top of all the other busy daily work of local governments though, communications can quickly become a drain on internal resources. We assist local governments by creating easy-to-execute communications plans, and then providing support as an ‘arms’ length’ addition to the team, helping to make sure strategic goals are met and that constituents know about it.

Media Training for Spokespeople, Scientists and CEOs

We prepare your spokespeople to share the good news and the tough (or technical) facts.

Not everyone is comfortable on camera or speaking to the media. And yet today everyone can be considered a spokesperson for their project or employer. We present full and half-day workshops for CEOs, CAOs, and staff in the federal government, local government, private sector, and for technology startup founders. We take media relations one step further with a specialized Messaging for Scientists/Biologists/Tech Experts workshop that we tailor for specific industry issues.